bobby (midtownrockr) wrote in jersey_bound,

ok lot of news cuz i havnt updated this peice in a while... the show last night was pretty good... we have another show this month so check it out:

15 Dorset road (six sixty six club)
berkley heights, NJ
doors open at ???
all out by 11

Jersey Bound
Inspector Hector
Never The Less
Tomorrow's bitter end

check it out.... we start recording on friday and the cd should be on sale at the show on the 22nd. we have another show in the works for early june, but its gonna be in south jersey... it would be really cool if at least a couple of you could make it down to see it. more info on that soon enough. thats about it. just so you all know... you people can update this too if you want to... we want more shows so everyone ppplleeeaasseee help us out with shows. the lyrics r up on the site. thats about it... make sure u check out the show on the 22nd and buy our cd when u get the chance. any support possible would be much appreciated.
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