bobby (midtownrockr) wrote in jersey_bound,

thank you so much to all of you wonderful wonderful kids who came out last night. we had some problems, and we couldnt hear shit, but everyone tells us we played really well. recording is being pushed back a week do to schedual problems, so as of right now it is exactly 40 days till recording, all of u should definatly buy a copy or at least listen to wut ever we decide to put up on purevolume. ima post the set list how it was suppose to be... but it didnt turn out like that cuz we ended up having to cut out radio due to time becuase we started late.

set list: 3/27/2004
chorus of eminem's song kim
taking back sunday - cute without the 'e' (cut from the team) [cover]
the original
acoustic night
alkaline trio - radio [cover]
dappled grey
the act of tightening the noose around my neck

as i said the show went good but radio was forced to be cut out due to time. we probably wont have any more shows till after recording cuz we're all pretty busy till then. after recording though, be on the look out for shows hopefully often... also as i said last entry, if any of you could maybe get us shows, or you know someone who can get us shows. please please please let me or anyone else in the band know.
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