bobby (midtownrockr) wrote in jersey_bound,

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a couple things here. first being it would be really cool if all of you made it out to the show on saturday, also we are going into record april 30th and may 1st so expect the cd not long after that. pictures are finally up on the site, and the site should be done sometime soon. over the summer we are planning in locking ourselves in a room with a couple of very close friends of ours for a week and writing an all acoustic cd, but more on that when the time gets closer. finally i just wanted to say that anyone reading this that could help us out with shows it would be much appreciated. you can either contact me through here, im me at midtownrockr, or e-mail me at we don't really care who we play with or where as long as its in NJ, or close to the NJ boarder of PA or NY. in short, show saturday, site coming along, cd in may, get us shows. much love to all of you.
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