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New Jersey Emo

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Jersey Bound
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Jersey Bound is an 8 piece band that fuses the best aspects of emo/indie/and rock together to form a sound unlike any you have ever heard. In fall of 2003 Evan Bernard, Pete Martin, Bobby Mack, Ross Feinstein, and Mikey Baler decided to form a band with the intent to write and preform the music they loved very much. They practiced and wrote and even played a few shows together. Then in Spring of 2004 3 new members were added that would enhance their sound and expand their music to a whole new level. These new additions were Brendan Prouse, Mike Boyce, and Marsha Kaufman. Currently the band is practicing and writting new material that will incorporate the new elements into their music. Come out and see them play for a guaranteed good time.
alkaline trio, between arms, broken solider, coheed and cambria, dianefest, fairfield, inspector hector, jersey bound, lo-fi ink, mindclamp, never the less, six sixty six, state unfair, sunrise over central, supernothing, taking back sunday, the day after, tomorrow's bitter end